Commercial Lighting

Have you heard about the Energy Savings Scheme?

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (EES) number one objective is to minimise energy consumption in:

Commercial Sites






Small Businesses


They have come up with a very straightforward simple way for everyone to have the opportunity to take full advantage of the financial incentives while reducing their energy usage at the same time.

Yello Energy Group’s number one focus is on installing, improving or replacing energy saving equipment in order to achieve maximum energy savings. We are a dedicated team that is always up to date with the industry knowledge and latest technology on the market to better assist our clients with a more effective way to light up their business or homes.

Our team of experts in the field will inform you about our product range, brands, designs, specification in this growing demanding lighting industry and can provide you with the best solution to all your energy saving lighting requirements.

Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting

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