“We make going solar quick and easy”

Thinking about investing in a Solar system but not sure about how it all works, no need to worry. We have a friendly team of experts that would guide you step by step.

Benefits of going solar & what we offer:

  1. Energy Analysis & Potential Savings
    Our energy and rate analysis team excels at recommending creative ways to offset energy usage and maximise your savings.
  2. Choice of Products & Quality Range
    Our team of Solar experts will explain the difference for all 3 categories and leave the decision up to you.
    Tier 1. Premium quality, top 2% of solar manufacturers
    Tier 2. Average quality, medium scale manufactures
    Tier 3. Low range quality, small scale manufacture
  3. Design & Engineering Innovation
    Our consultative staff have a hands-on approach to problem solving and our extensive experience allows us to design systems that maximize production, no matter the setting or individual specific client requirements.
  4. Government Rebate
    Take advantage of the Government Rebate valued up to $7000 towards the cost of your system depending on system size. It’s a hassle free process handled by Yello Energy Group. The Rebate is set to reduce further, So jump on board and reap the benefits as our systems have never been more affordable.
  5. Various Payment/Finance Options
    Take advantage of our 50 months Interest free finance option with $0 deposit.
  6. Eco-friendly
    Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. By going solar you would be joining the group of hundreds & thousands of Australians who made a smart decision to help our environment be a better place.
  7. Secure future-proof solution
    With the never ending cost increase of power bills, going solar would eliminate the worry of your future electricity bills, although we might have a few rainy days the sun will never stop shining therefore renewable energy we get from the sun is guaranteed.
  8. Warranty
    Solar panel Warranty of 25 years.
    Inverter warranty from 5 to 10 years.
    5 Year performance warranty
  9. Continual Customer Service
    We have a team that specialises in assisting our clients with prompt problem solving solutions.

Building or Buying your first Home
Are you in the process of buying or building your first home?
Here are some reasons you should consider incorporating Solar power into your new home.

  1. Solar Panels can Eliminate Your Electricity Bill and increase Your Savings
    Our energy and rate analysis team excels at recommending creative ways to offset energy usage and maximise your savings. They take their time in looking into your specific needs and strive to give you the best possible solutions that increase your future savings on electricity bills.
  2. Solar Panels Make Your Brand New Home Stand Out
    Solar panels make your home look sophisticated. On the contrary to what people may think is unattractive, solar installations could actually trigger interest and even a little envy from people who drive by. Those who own visible solar panels really make their home stand out and in a way, take leadership in encouraging the community to take action towards alternative energy without actually verbalizing it.
  3. Increases Your Home Value
    Installing Solar panels is one of the best ways to increase the property value of your home.Unlike many other home improvements, solar panels can assist your home in selling faster if that’s a possible future plan for you. Energy-saving improvements attract attention in a competitive market and are considered as improvements which will actually save potential buyers money.

Things to consider when building your new home while thinking of incorporating solar panels
Lay out of the Land
Potential shading issues
Roof design
Pre-wiring and pre-laying your solar panels

Let’s work together, Yello Energy Group will assist you with providing the best advice and help you plan ahead. Give us a call or contact us online.