“We strive to assist companies generate their own power & we make going solar easy for your business”

Yello Energy Group helps your business to reduce your energy expenses by making commercial solar a part of their broader energy strategy. Our goal is to maximize client savings that can be reinvested into differentiating and growing their core business.

Benefits of Going Solar Good for Business

Savings generated by solar can be substantial. In addition you can show off your commitment to renewable energy and gain a Green Energy Reputation by promoting your solar investment at your facility, on your website or through other marketing strategies.

What We offer:

Step 1 : Consultation and Proposal

Energy Analysis
Our energy and rate analysis team excels at recommending creative ways to offset energy usage and maximise your savings.

Design & Engineering Innovation
Our consultative staff have a hands-on approach to problem solving and our extensive experience allows us to design systems that maximize production, no matter the setting or individual specific client requirements.

Custom Project Requirement
We look for ways to go above and beyond to find ways to amplify the value each client gets from their solar investment.

Return on Investment
It is one of the most important sound and calculative decisions for Investment for any business long term.

Flexible -Whether you are looking for tax incentives, lower upfront costs or full system ownership, we have a solution to meet your specific needs.
Seamless – We can facilitate finance option of upto $150K with no financials.The approval rate is 97% and you can get approval on the spot.
Stable – Our finance options are secure and stable.

Step 2 : Installation Process

We apply for the necessary Approvals from the Grid and organise a Building Inspection to take place to ensure there would be no restrictions.

This process is done in 3 phases
Rails and Mountings & Cables Installation
Inverter & Isolators Installation
Panel Installation

Step 3: After Sale Support

Upon the completion of the system installation the system is tested for the Solar Net Meter connection. Yello Energy Group will liaise with the Client and retailer to ensure that the Net Meter gets installed asap. Clients can start reaping in full benefits upon Net Meter installation.

Continual Client Services & Monitoring

We have a team that specialises in assisting our clients with prompt problem solving solutions. Our team has Installer access with all our Commercial Installations which connects to site and monitors the performance and fault codes.


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