A lot of things happen behind the scenes once you have signed the agreement. If your wondering what is involved in the installation process, we have broken it down with points below to assist you in having a better understanding. We start and finish the whole process by following a very straight forward checklist to ensure nothing is missed and that everything runs as smooth as possible.

  1. Solar PV system checklist, Quality Assurance & Compliance PV Array
    • Orientation Facing N, NW, NE, E, W
    • Tilt (>10 & <30)
    • Installation complies with CEC design criteria &amp; applicable standards
    • Array supports & frames are installed to manufacturers instructions
    • Roof penetrations are suitably sealed & weatherproofed
    • Weatherproof isolator mounted adjacent to the array
    • Electrical standards (AS3000 & AS3008) compliant
    • PV Array Installation standard (AS5033) compliant.SOl
  2. Inverter
    • Inverter installed in accordance with manufacturers Instructions
    • DC isolator mounted close to input of inverter
    • Isolator mounted on the output of inverter (Vic only)
    • Lockable AC circuit breaker mounted within switchboard as main switch
    • Electrical standards (AS3000 & AS3008) compliant
    • Grid Connect installation standard (AS4777.1) compliant
    • All required ‘signage’ positioned as required and engraved accordingly
  3. Electrical Test
    • Confirmation of adequacy of earthing
    • Confirmation of adequacy of protective bonding
    • Confirmation of isolator and wiring polarity
    • Confirmation of satisfactory voltage levels at array
    • Confirmation of continuity of conductors
    • Confirmation of Inverter anti-islanding operation
    • Earth Loop Impedance satisfactory
  4. Receive Documentation
    • Certificate of Electrical Compliance (CCEW or CES)
    • Owner Manual for Solar
    • Inverter Manual
    • Product Specification
    • Copy of Grid Connection Approval
    • Invoice – Client makes the payment for the “ Best Jewellery for your Roof “
    • We assist with application to the retailer for Solar Net Meter Installation

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